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Michael is—quite simply—the best. He handles all the repair and maintenance work for the old Sentinel building that Ecology Action and Cruzio rennovated downtown. Many of our staff have been so impressed by his craftsmanship and ingenuity that we trust him for whatever needs to be done around our homes too. Many times he's figured out a way to do something that seemed impossible. And all his work looks great!

Nancy Ogle

Everyone needs a good doctor, a good lawyer, the good accountant and a good handyman. I've done business with Michael's handyman service for at least five years and have never been disappointed with any of his work or shocked edges prices. He is very versatile, skilled in plumbing, electricity and carpentry. He has installed garbage disposals and changed every outside light fixture on my house. Most recently he changed the wooden gate post and refund the gate. I called on Thursday afternoon and he was there at 1 PM on Friday where else can you get service like that?!

He is prompt, neat in appearance and work. His prices are extremely reasonable and he will not attempt a job he thinks could be done better or less expensively by a specialist. I can't say enough about how glad I am to have found Michael; he has saved me more than once during homeowner emergencies. An added bonus is that he's a very nice man.

Sandy in Capitola

Have you ever enjoyed having a contractor in your house? If not, you haven't used Michael. Part of the good feeling comes from complete assurance that he's going to either fix the problem or propose a solution. The rest of the enjoyment just comes from being around Michael. He's unfailingly considerate and always helps me keep things in perspective. He really listens to what I'm trying to accomplish rather than just what I ask for, and often proposes a better option than I'd considered. He's the ultimate go to guy.

Chuck Tremper

Luckily for me I found Michael 10 years ago when I bought my house. One of the first things I learned about him was that he is a man with utmost integrity. He's honest to the extent that I realized I didn't need to track his time or bills for materials. At any point in the job, he has the info available. At the end, everything is documented clearly with copies and receipts. Michael takes pride in his workmanship and I have confidence in any job he takes on. That's because he will only take on a job he feels comfortable and capable with or else to recommend someone else to do the work. I have a beautiful redwood deck in my backyard to his credit, also an excellently tiled kitchen and dining room that entailed correcting dry rot under the sink. Along with other projects, he manages to be available when I'm in a fix because something breaks down, such as when our whole fence blew down in a storm. His knowledge of house repair, construction, and maintenance is encyclopedic.

I'm grateful for his faithful honest work. My husband and I appreciate his support through all these years. He helps keep my investment in my home in great shape by making suggestions and giving hints to correct areas in need. Michael is the best repairman!

Robin Kerley